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Feature Film

  • Music preparation for Kodachrome (dir. Mark Raso, original music by Agatha Kaspar)

  • Additional arrangements and programming for The Angry Birds Movie, (dir. Clay Katis, Fergal Reilly, original music by Heitor Pereira)

  • Additional arrangements and programming for Code of Honor, (dir. Michael Winnick, original music by Michael John Mollo)

  • Additional arrangements and programming for AWOL-72 (dir. Christian Sesma, original music by Michael John Mollo)


  • Original music, The Palm Witch (dir. Hala Al-Haid)

  • Original music, The Wind at your Back (dir. Mark Alan Lee)

  • Original music, Sheepshead (dir. Ari Ben-Avram)

  • Original music, Portrait of a Farmer (dir. Lina Suh)

  • Original music, Exhale (dir. David Joshua Ford)

  • Original music, Istislam (dir. Mona El-Naggar)

  • Original music. Free Advice Girl (dir. Team Blink)

  • Original music, The Mirror Motel (dir. Adam Lee)

  • Original music, Occupy LA (dir. Sam Slovick)

  • Original music, Downtown (dir. Frankie Bourne)


  • Below Deck: Adventure (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Below Deck: Down Under (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Below Deck: Sailing Yacht (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Below Deck: Medditerranean (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Below Deck (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Real Housewives of Dubai (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Real Housewives of New Jersey (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Real Housewives of New York (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Real Housewives of Potomac (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Winter House (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Summer House (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Million Dollar Listings (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Vanderpump Rules (Additional Music) [Bravo]

  • Keeping up with the Kardashians (Additional Music) [E!]

  • Vice News Tonight (Additional Music) [VICE]

  • Perfect Match (Additional Music) [Netflix]

  • An Optimist's Guide to the Planet (Additional Music) [Bloomberg]

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